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Aesthetic Nurse Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum age to get a Botox or other injection based treatment?
    You have to be at least 18 years old, however, there is no “magic” age to start botox or fillers. Once you see a fine line or wrinkle forming that won’t go away, that is usually a sign to start so it won’t get worse.
  • Is Botox safe?
    Botox injections are safe when performed by an experienced healthcare provider. It’s a purified protein used in small doses to help smooth fine lines/wrinkles and relax muscles.
  • Will the treatment hurt?
    Botox feel like a tiny pinch, pain level is 1/10.
  • Will I need more than one treatment for it to make a difference?
    If you start once you see a wrinkle, you will see results after your first treatment and will have to continue every 3-4 months. If you start when the wrinkle is really deep, it may take 2 or 3 cycles of Botox to see complete smoothness.
  • What if I don’t like the result?
    If you don’t like the results, the Botox gradually fades away in 3-4 months. Nothing bad will happen because you tried it.
  • Will the result of my treatment look natural?
    My goal is always natural results with natural facial expression movement, no one should know you did it.
  • How long does a session take?
    It takes less than 30 minutes!
  • Would my family physician prescribe treatment for overactive sweat? Is it covered by OHIP?
    If you have excessive sweating (for example, underarm sweat), there are some insurance companies that cover that treatment and I would provide you with a receipt to get reimbursed.
  • Can you get Botox or filler while pregnant or breastfeeding?
    No, you should not get these injections while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Will I get a bruise? How can I prevent bruising?
    There is always a chance of a bruise and you can cover it up with concealer. Try to avoid blood thinners (if prescribed and okayed by your doctor), such as Advil, aspirin, fish oil, green tea, alcohol, etc. 3-5 days before treatment. You can also use herbal supplements, such as Arnica, to help decrease swelling and bruising.
  • What’s the difference between Botox and fillers?
    Botox, Xeomin, Dysport or Nucieva are liquid substances that relax muscles, such as your frown line or crow’s feet. Fillers are made out of hyaluronic acid and are a gel substance that fill laugh lines, cheeks or lips.
  • If I get my lips done, will they look natural?
    Yes! My goal is healthy and rejuvenated lips! They will look hydrated and natural and fit the proportion of your face.
  • I have a dentist appointment the same day, is that fine?
    Avoid dental work 2 weeks before or after filler injections to avoid further infection or in the case of taking antibiotics.
  • I am still getting over a cold and taking antibiotics, can I still come to my appointment?
    You must be 100% healthy and not on any antibiotics.
  • I have had cold sores before, is that a problem?
    If you have a history of cold sores, consult your family doctor to get a prescription for antiviral medication such as Valtrex.
  • Can I touch my face after a treatment?
    You should not touch, rub, or manipulate areas of injection for 4 hours after treatment.
  • How long will I feel sore after a treatment?
    With Botox you would look like you have tiny mosquito bites for about 20 minutes or it could look like nothing! There is a risk of bruising and that would be sore for about 24-48 hours. With fillers, you could be a little pink/red at the injection site and possibly have a bruise. You could also feel tender at the injection site for 24-48 hours.
  • How soon can I apply makeup after treatment?
    It’s best not to apply makeup until the next day to prevent infection.
  • Can I be in the sun after a treatment?
    Yes, BUT be in the shade for after 4 hours of your treatment and apply SPF every 2 hours every day!
  • Can I go swimming/workout after a treatment?
    You can't workout, swim, or take a shower right after treatment. You can after 4 hours or the next day.
  • When can I start applying sunscreen to my face again?
    After 4 hours.
  • What if I get a rash or other allergic reaction to the treatment?
    It’s very rare to get a rash or allergic reaction. If so, take Benadryl and let your provider know.
  • How much time do I need to leave between treatments if it requires multiple sessions?
    Botox every 3-4 months Filler every 6 months to a year depending on what you need
  • How long does it usually take for the treatment results to wear off?
    Botox 3-4 months Filler 6 months to a year depending on what area was treated
  • Can I go back to work right away?
    Yes as long as it’s an office job. If you're going to sweat, or wear a tight hat it’s best to have treatment after work or on the weekend.
  • When can I get a facial or laser treatment?
    2 weeks after injections
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